New Guitar Techniques for Scales by Carlos Castilla (Method with Instructional Videos based on Classical Guitar Techniques.) [Kindle Edition]

Table of contents

A comprehensive technique method (e-book and video) that focuses on scales. It is a new and creative approach to the classical guitar technique including all sorts of right hand fingerings using both free and rest strokes. Please take a look at the book and video samples to get an idea of what this is all about. The sample/video included below is related to the last section of the book that explains modern free stroke techniques. Finger Strokes also studies the standard techniques and its variations, e.g., theĀ  three finger combination rest stroke (i-a-m).
This method is not just intended to merely improve speed, but also accuracy, easiness, relaxation, and peace of mind when it comes to play scales. This method and approach also provides more tools and technical resources for phrasing and articulation.
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Take a look at exercise 46:

Exercise 46 (Villa-Lobos Etude 7 alternate fingering explained)