The best teacher I ever had. His knowledge is unsurpassable and he is a natural instructor.

Fernando Santisteban, SanMiguel Corp.

I can only say wonderful things about Carlos Castilla! Prior to having Carlos as my professor, I took lessons from another guitarist – who in just 3 months – had completely squashed out my love, and passion for classic guitar. I was at a critical point of not knowing whether I even wanted to continue pursuing music! Within 5 minutes of my first lesson with Dr. Castilla, I began to regain my desire to become a classical guitarist; he made the guitar come alive in such a creative, and expressive way. His love of music was contagious! His extensive knowledge and passion for music was inspiring, and he made each lesson a treasure to experience. Although our life path has moved in two different directions, in the world, I still look back on those three years with great fondness. Every time I go to play, I smile, and think about how grateful I am that I didn’t give up because of one lousy instructor. Instead, I was fortunate enough to find an incredible professor like Carlos Castilla, whom I will forever respectfully regard as – my adopted “father of music”.
-Brihdet Greenwood
The Richard H Greenwood Corporation

Carlos Castilla is a very inspiring and gifted teacher. His teaching methods are highly efficient and any student who wishes to learn the art of classical guitar technique must experience this knowledge through Carlos’s Eyes. He is patient, understanding, and knows how to tailor his classes to the individual needs of his students. From the simplest musical hiccup to the most sophisicated technical obstacle, Carlos makes all challenges seem effortless to overcome. As a great builder of confidence, he truly inspires his students and transfers his love of music to them. Don’t miss out on Carlos’ teachings !”

Gerard Gobert
Music/Guitar Performance Major at MTSU

Dr. Carlos Castilla served as adjunct assistant professor at MTSU for 3 years. I found him to be the best qualified and most dedicated assistant I’ve workee with in my 24 year career at MTSU. Carlos is motivational for students as he takes his teaching responsibilities very seriously. He is an excellent performer and role model for aspiring students. He is also a good friend and colleague. I am very sorry to see him leave. I am confident he will enrich any institution of which he is part.

Dr. William Yelverton
Director of Guitar Studies at MTSU